Mitsubishi FX3U Digital PLC Trainer


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KM-FX3U-D Mitsubishi FX3U Digital PLC Trainer

This PLC Trainer can be used for many PLC courses, it’s perfect for Mitsubishi FX3U PLC Training,  free-shipping all over the world via DHL.

Most important is, all the compents are mounted and wired, when you receive it, you can directly power on it, don’t worry about wire wrong and destroy it, we all tested before shipping. so you can focus your time on programming, but not wire or mount work.

In fact, the PLC Beginner ofter destroy the PLC due to wrong wire. so it’s worth to purchase a wired  PLC trainer to reduce your time and risk.

When you family with programming with this PLC trainer, you will also know how to deal with real automation projects, it’s similar.

It Contains:

(1)Mitsubishi FX3U Original PLC

(2)Digital PLC Trainer Contains::
Traffic Lights Digital 12 LED outputs
14 Digital Switch inputs
Proximity Sensor
Three Number Dial Switch inputs
Three Number Digital tube outputs

(3)PLC trainer install base and AC110-230V to DC24V power supply(rack installed)

(4)GX-Developer Software + Free  Control Courses + English Documents download

(5)PLC communication Cable For PC

Basic PLC Course:

Digital Trainer
(1)Trotting horse lamp control
(2)Traffic light control
(3)Use Proximity switch sensor to test fan rotary speed(High speed counter)
(4)Use Photoelectric sensor to test fan rotary speed(High speed counter)
(5)BCD code(Binary-Coded Decimal) input from Dial switch
(6)BCD code(Binary-Coded Decimal) output to LED Segment Displays


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